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SEleven IT is actually the alias of our core company SEleven IT Limited which starts its journey in 2011 with a three members of team targeting the security systems software development for organaizations and ERPs for SMEs. As its number of projects are increasing, it registered as a limited company by enlarging its development team. Currently SEleven IT has 17 highly experienced full time developers along with some part time professionals.


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Besides, we develop wide range of software applications for spanning multiple business processes in the cash conversion cycle: Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Order Processing, Accounts Receivable (invoicing/collections), Ongoing Customer and Partner Communications.

Board Members & Managements

MD.Sarwar Morshed

Mr. Sarwar Morshed has been serving as the CEO of SEleven IT Limited since 2011. He is PhD Research Fellow at Linnaeus University, Sweden. He has a B.Sc. Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering and M.Sc. in Information & Communication Systems Security. He has completed his from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He has more than 15+ years of experience in Information Technology fields including software development, system analysis & design, security system development and IT audit for the bank, research center, Universities, Government agencies. He started his career as a software developer at WSP imc a UK based multi-national Company. He was also an ICT consultant of Roads & Highways Department of Bangladesh. During his stay at Sweden for about five years, he worked at Nordea Bank, [email protected] (a research center) and Lulea University of Technology. He worked for seven European projects. He has attend and conducted about 100 of seminars & workshops both in Bangladesh & abroad. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specializes(MCTS), Project Management Professional(PMP), and Certified Scrum Master(CSM) in agile methodology. Besides, he attended several numbers of professional skill development trainings & seminars both in home and abroad.

Dr. Saifur Rahman

Director, Admin & Human Resource Division
Dr. Saifur Rahman is a creative and technically adept textile professional, particularly skilled in education and research in textiles and polymers. He has wide range of network in the Textile and Garments Industries. SEleven IT Limited is exploring its business by partnering different Textile and Garments business to develop their IT based infrastructure for smooth business operation. In this case, Dr. Saifur Rahman has vast knowledge on textile and textile related operation management. His expertise in this regard helps SEleven IT Limited to develop Textile & Garments related software and ERP system.

Mr. Nazmul Huda

Director, Marketing Division
Mr. Nazmul Huda is a well known financial and marketing expert in Bangladesh. He has several years of experience in banking and finance. After graduating from Dhaka University, he worked with several corporate industries as marketing consultant. He manages all Financial and marketing relation of SEleven IT Limited. He is also responsible for recruiting and developing human resources for SEleven IT Limited.

Our Expertise

SEleven IT Ltd. starts its journey in 2011 with a three member of team targetting website development for SMEs and outsourcing. As its number of project are increasing, it registered as a limited company by enlarging its development team. Currently Seleven IT has 35 full time developers along with some part time professionals. Our employees are our greatest asset because they are the reason we can deliver quality services and exceptional software to you. Our governing principle is that superior quality delivered with better service only happens with brighter, happier people. So, we recruit and hire only the most qualified individuals, who are top college graduates and fluent in English. Most of our employees have Master's degrees in business and science.

In addition to our thorough recruitment process, we offer superior training and career-development opportunities. We analyze the skills of all employees on an ongoing basis to determine training needs, including both aptitude and attitude development. We combine highly technical instruction, refined communications, "soft" skills, and advanced problem solving into a curriculum, so that our employees are prepared and accountable for delivering measurable results.

SEleven IT maintains a ratio of 1 first-line supervisor to 8 service professionals. This low ratio allows for significant apprenticeship, coaching, and mentoring. The feedback and interaction allows for attention to personal improvement results and a more consistent quality. Our managers were promoted up "through the ranks" so they understand all aspects of our company culture. This also helps us identify challenges and implement improvements so that we are always enhancing our performance.

Our focus on quality extends to our client relationships as well. We believe that open and honest communication that happens frequently is critical to a successful strategic partnership that builds long-term relationships. SEleven IT has developed a comprehensive methodology to transition the work from your office to our delivery center in Bangladesh. Our transition methodology helps make our employees an extension of your team. Your projects are accelerated and communication is maximized. Our employees learn the work, deliverables, systems, tools, etc. of your company and fulfill your efforts in our delivery center.

Our method consistently results in helping our clients out-perform all competition and achieve better performance than they could on their own. We can do the same for you!

Why is SEleven IT different? Because we invest in our employees and apply a proven fulfillment methodology that utilizes Agile methodolofy with scrum, Kanban.

Our employees have documented procedures, a disciplined review process, and a strong quality assurance team. Our Quality Management System provides a flexible framework that enables continuous improvement. It is based on the best-in-class and worst-in-class service delivery models of over 100 companies. Our Quality Assurance Team uses this system to formulate disciplined processes that strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional service. Our unique methodology is uncommon and cannot be easily duplicated. Furthermore, this approach is key to reducing variations resulting in efficiency gains, precision accuracy of work output, and less costs.